Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christ in my Crisis.


Do you ever try to talk your way out of trouble? We have all had that conversation with ourselves about a particular crisis in our lives. We may say, All is right in my world?” But it feels silly to say that right? No burdensome and worldly weight could ever bog me down. Wait, that’s a lie that turns the corners of my mouth upward with a have hearted cynical smile. With aggravation I proclaim to my creator with a confused chatter. To the top of my lungs I yell,"A world without crisis is not the real world I live in. Okay, I know this. So why would I say such a ridiculous thing? I think it’s because my sometimes fragile emotional life seems to wind up broken and at the bottom of a dark and lonely barrel. I experienced this feeling just after my last post about four months ago.


What have I learned these last few months? I have found out that learning can be a hard and pushy process. It gets hard when the one who is doing all the pushing is the “ALL MIGHTY MASTER.” Being a lifelong learning pupil who is placed or divinely pushed to the front row of the class is very hard to come to grips with. The lessons are always hard in a class called Crisis 101. And I didn't even sign up for this class. I remain in a continual battle with Christ over the seating chart in my classroom of one. I think to myself, "little old pitiful me." Am I that important to Christ? And why does He always insist that I sit on the very front row? I beat my pencil on my desk of discontent. “What are you trying to do to me God?” I have turned a terminal green from the growing pains that He has tried to plant inside of me. Christ at times has become the "Mr. Green Finger" of my grounded life. He keeps pointing me with his luminous lightening rod of correction to life’s lessons that I don’t want to learn. And guess what? Christ wants to be close to me while I am going through my growth spurt. Imagine this.“For the Love of Christ!” I scarcely shout from the back row. He stirs from behind His divine desk of reason. With a warm harmonious voice Christ says, “Yes Kyndl, you need to stand up and go to the front row." So with heavy foot and heart I move for “the Love of my Christ!” 

The love of Christ is boundless. So is His glorious red cape that adorns and covers us with compassion. He is my SUPERNATURAL CHRIST. The one who is able to leap in a single bound over any crisis that I am going through. I remember back in the day when I was in my early teens and a crisis hit our happy home. One day the family television stopped working. I fiddled and slapped on every button like some nervous train conductor trying to stop a runaway freight train. In this case, I was trying to stop the television from crashing. I had no luck reviving that old thing. I waited anxiously for daddy to return home. As he walked into the living room I sat motionless in the lazy boy chair. I told him that the television had died. “It’s a crisis”, I said. He laughed at me and shook His head. He told me that it would be okay. Only a true Father can say these words and make you believe itWithin a few days, a brand new Magnavox was sitting in our living room. The crisis was over. HMMM.

Is your life on the fritz? Maybe the vision of your life is not quite what you pictured it to be. Circumstances start to scramble your sanity. The grinding of your overcooked grits leads you to languish in a life crisis. Then there comes the one question that always scares me. I sat on the front row of the classroom with a disinterested, big eyed look of dismay. Christ with his kingly ruler in hand asks, “WHO AM I?” I hesitate with lips puckered tight like a lemonhead who lamented over the sour and salty correction of Christ.

I know one thing that is true about my time in a class called Crisis 101. I am ever learning from my own let downs in life and never satisfied with my feeble and pathetic human failures. It is during my ramped up, ritualistic self tormenting that I understand who He is. Christ remains evident and eternal. He is “the Christ in my Crisis.”

I press on to write about my Life in Christ. These highs and lows are mine and yours. We live in “the fehrenheights.

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