Thursday, April 11, 2013


Apple had a multinational movement back in the late 90's that came out with a line of consumer electronics and software that would forever change our lives. A hungry market was poised to devour every Apple product that was placed on their plate. First on the menu was the production of the iMac in 1998. Then came an entire host of individualistic products like the iPod, iLife, iSight, iWork, iPad, iBook, iTunes and the forever popular iPhone. Apple’s philosophy was simple in that the plan for success was built around catering to the wants and desires of the individual. Since the late 90’s these products with the small “i” have made a very big difference in how we work and live in the world. In fact, I am writing this post by way of an iMac and on Friday I will be taking my first bite into the biggest apple of them all, the iPhone. Apple is an example of a remarkable vision by one man and there has been much speculation on what the letter "i" really means. Some say it means internet,individual,intelligent or integrated. I say it stands for "inspiration." This is one case where the letter "i" has really changed the world for the better. Thank you Steve Jobs.


The letter “i” is my favorite letter in the alphabet. From this you get the word inspire which is one of my favorite words. I often use the phrase “one look and I am inspired. Let’s take children as an example. They inspire me all the time. It inspires me when I see my son smile big after I have made a funny face at him. He loves the attention. Sometimes I get lost in my own individual desires and forget to notice him. It happened to me the other day at work. Have you ever played the game castle ball? The objective is to throw a ball and knock down the other teams castle that is made from six stacked hula hoops. While playing this fun game with a crowded gym of third graders in the gym, a quiet little girl with glasses walked up to me and asked, "Have you ever felt left out?" I laughed so hard because she looked so lonely. I reached down to give her a hug and told her how important she was to the team. She joined in on the fun and stayed by my side the entire game. That inspired me. My greatest inspiration comes from my momma’s desire to live a healthy life after triple bye-pass. She warms my heart  with every courageous step she takes. Every wise word she speaks inspires me to be a “man of meaning.” and today I wanted to write about some things that have special meaning to me. I have found that writing an inspirational blog is a hard thing to do when you try to stick to positive content. As a blogger I feel it is necessary to write about the truth no matter how insensitive and cold it may appear to be. Momma told me that the world is not always about the warm and fuzzies.


I wanted to get to the core of what I mean when I say that some people are "Living in the iWorld." Many have spent a lifetime building castles of success that are selfishly dedicated to their own egotistical glory. Yes, we can be the greatest at whatever we do and I am all for it. But when we are on the road to success at the cost of family, friends or God, success is rendered meaningless. I believe that we are living in the center of a sometimes uninspiring and individualistic place called the iWorld.” We see this "iDrama" being acted out right before our very eyes like a soap opera on “iSteroids." We see it in everyone from the larger than life personality on the silver screen to the average everyday person on self street. Today, the world is about what "i" want.

The underworld has drug dealers who are on their "iHustle." They maliciously peddle poison to a hoard of drug-hazed victims while the users continue to search for the perfect iHigh.” Are we tired of the gun owners who deal metal machines of death for their on bloody “iprofit?” The heartless killers who buy them wind up using our children as human target practice? Nothing seems to be changing. How about the latest victims who blindly walked into the blade of a knife? It's just another dangerous day at the school where some man who as a child dreamed of stabbing someone then acts on his dreadful iHate dream twelve years later. It is just another day "living in the iWorld."

  How about our entertainers? They are in lofty positions of influence but all they seem to do is piss it away for their own “iprestige." We buy their music, watch their films and wear their clothes. In the entertainment world we are fed a constant trickle on twitter of individuals who no longer wait for us to put them on that pedestal but they instead proudly place themselves on top of the world and say, "I am King. I am Queen. Crown me!" iRULE!” 

We cast our believing ballot for that politician who we think will lead us to the promise land. Soon we realize that the politicians have failed and slowly but brazenly they transform the land of milk and honey promises into a cluttered wasteland of iLies." The "iWorld is filled with leaders who have a relentless appetite for the fatted calf. In the medical world, some doctors have padded their pockets and have forsaken their God-given abilities. They have turned from their instruments of healing towards a practice of hedonistic idolatry and "iCraft." The Corporate America world compromises it’s integrity for the next iDeal.”

The church world is seen with the most unbelieving cynical iDoubt eyes. We should have men of God who are leading the wayward flock but instead they have sold out the church for power, sex and money. The church and its people are the one institution that should be the most sacred of all. Those who need love, comfort and compassion wind up walking away empty handed because some pastors and priest aren’t sheep. They are "iWolves" dressed up in sheep's clothing. 

  Years ago while valeting on a rainy day I had a lady customer drop her cell phone in a drainage ditch. It was about eight feet under the street. This phone would have surely been doomed to a watery death. Thankfully, after about 25 minutes I somehow found a way to reach down with a stick and pull her phone out. She climbed in her car and wrote a note that has inspired me to this day. She wrote, "Thank you. You have truly restored my faith in humanity." It was the greatest tip I had ever received. Have you seen the "I am second" campaign that has recently started? This Christian movement is attempting to take "i" off of the center stage and place the magnificent Messiah, the great "I AM" in His rightful first place. I believe each person has the chance to change the world in some way. My faith still carries hope in the heart of humanity.



  1. Love it...brilliant

    1. I am happy you enjoyed it. Stay healthy and take care of those belly babies.