Tuesday, May 7, 2013



Are you pregnant with great expectations? The pain is never easy when birthing the baby of your dreams. To get to the heights of your destiny, you always have to endure intense anguish before you experience a higher altitude of personal growth and purpose. In saying that, I dedicate this post to my sister Kristi(go ANGELITA AND TWINS), my beautiful wife Sjhira, who's birth was a miracle and to her wonderful mother Ms. Candy. You are ladies of great character and strength. In the early stages of conception and raised expectations, our dreams bring forth powerful feelings of ascension that cause the ground to shake beneath our feet. Movement brings giddy anticipation as the signs of life start to appear. But what happens to our dream when that little bundle of joy lies motionless and your bosom only seems bloated with doubt?

When my mother-in-law was pregnant with my wife, it proved to be a very difficult nine months for her. My wife told me that for the last five months of the pregnancy, her mother was confined to bed rest and her day to day activities came to a screeching halt. It was a daunting sacrifice that had to be done for her own well being and for the health of the baby inside her. The birth of my wife into the world was a miracle and a testimony of the bond that they share with each other to this day. So much joy abounds when the news comes that a baby is on the way. You shop to find all of the soft cuddly outfits and you paint the new baby room with the appropriate color.  Then you have coffee with all your girlfriends to talk about how you feel and how often you feel the baby kick. The impending birth of your child has lifted your expectations to an all time high. Countless doctor appointments are made so that a person you barely know feels around on your stomach like someone doing a quality check on a melon at the produce section. My sister is now pregnant with twins and I am sure she feels life a watermelon right about now. Whoa! Imagine having to carry around not one but two babies. It came as a shock to her when she got the news but fear gave way to great expectations.  I am proud of her for the courageous journey she is on and I can't wait to hold both babies in my arms. Her agonizing moment of pain and strife will bring forth the miracle of life.

Remember the episode on the Cosby Show where all the men somehow get pregnant from strange spores in the water supply? Even tho men are not blessed with the burden of carrying a child, men also experience the joy and agony of having raised expectations. For guys, birth pangs comes in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, a man's ego is tied to whatever career we have and how much money we make. Men spend a lifetime seeking out success and carrying the weight of "worry." Relief is only found when our child is brought into the world.  Dreams are instilled in men from the very moment of birth. The momma will say, "You are my prince charming."  The daddy will say to his son, "You are my little man and you will grow up to be big and strong." When we tell a child that they can win the world, we should always be prepared to sit back and watch them do that very thing. As a supportive parent we should hold our child's hand through the times of pain and growth. The world will be won and so will our hearts.


Do dreams die when it takes longer for them to development? I remember those fun- days as a boy playing in my tree house. I didn't have a care in the world. It was easy for me to believe that dreams would come true. I was a dreamer who walked in the fluffy clouds of my fairytale destinations. I still live in the heights of that old tree house. I am gaining new heights with each step I take in life and everyday I gratefully carry my creative children of SONG, ART AND WORD. You are not barren of hope. You will deliver your dreams. The proud FATHER is watching over you and saying,"You will grow up to be big and strong." LIVE WITH RAISED EXPECTATIONS.

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  1. Great post with a powerful message! Thank you.